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They started as young, talented artists who were close to dark, but emotionally sound. Intimate, quasi-acoustic compositions under the sign of a widely understood alternative music, combining elements from the borderland of post-rock and raw, cool folk, gave them devoted fans both among listeners and critics. Youth Novels, whose sound was compared to Daughter and London Grammar, didn’t rest on their laurels. After the success of "Used to Wreck It All" EP, which has take the duo on major Polish festivals, including Open'er in Gdynia and Spring Break in Poznan, it was time to return to the studio. The result of several months of work is a new release titled “Chaos I Create”.
The newest EP consists of five tracks. The sound of Youth Novels is no longer as harsh and cool as it was on “I Used To Wreck It All”. The changes can be heard from the first moments - the elaborate instrumentarium and attention to details throw a new light on Anna Babrakowska and Emil Nowak, a duo regarded as one of the most interesting debuts of recent years on the Polish scene. “Chaos I Create” discovers the unknown face of the band.

The sound of Youth Novels has blushed - five positions on “Chaos I Create” are elaborately arranged compositions, far outweigh the savings from the times of “I Used To Wreck It All”. Backing vocals, reverbs and lots of string parts are just some of the news that the listeners will meet on new release. What remains unchanging is the dark, cool styling that is consistently held by the duo. The EP has a lot of surprises - courageous experiments with electronics at “Shelter” are reminiscent of The xx, and the piercing emotions of “Don’t Let Me Down” are a unique post-rock and folk song in which hope interweaves with suffering. The composition sounds like Sigur Rós meeting with The Antlers. There is more such eclectic moments on “Chaos I Create”, so that the latest EP of Youth Novels has all the attitudes to become one of the most interesting releases of the year in Polish music.